Brockmann Consult (BC)
Brockmann Consult is a SME active in the development of software for the exploitation of Earth Observation data and in the delivery of Geoinformation Services for more than 20 years. In SArONG BC is brining in expertise for the pre-processing of optical Earth Observation data over the ocean and for the efficient mass-processing of Earth Observation products.


OceanDataLab (ODL)
OceanDataLab is a private research laboratory founded in 2013 by Ocean Remote Sensing and IT experts to generate added value to scientific work and to add visibility and provide efficient tools to enhance scientific productivity when multi-sensor or multi-modal analysis are required. ODL is providing efficient tools to help develop geophysical retrieval algorithms from all kind of satellite data sources.


Ifremer (Ifremer)
Founded in 1984, Ifremer is France’s primary oceanographic insititute comprising 5 centres with complementary research areas. In SArONG Ifremer is participating through CERSAT (Centre d’Exploitation et de Recherche Satellitaire) and contributing expertise on SSGI. Partner Lead: Bertrand Chapron.


University of Exeter (UEXE)
The University of Exeter was established in 1955 and ranks among the top universties in the world.  In SArONG remote sensing experts within The Centre for Geography, Environment and Society and the university DroneLab will use drones and light aircraft to retrieve high-resolution airborne Ocean Glitter products. Partner lead: Jamie Shutler.