Schedule and deliverables

Below you find a full list of deliverables under contract and an indicative schedule. All relative dates refer to the kick-off on 27th June 2016.

List of deliverables

Ref.Short NameTitle and descriptionDate dueLink
D-10WWWSArONG web portal to be operated and updated for the duration of the ContractKO+2
D-20BRO-1Initial SArONG Project Brochure in PDF formatKO+9
D-30BRO-2Final SArONG Project Brochure in PDF format and 200 printed copies required for distribution prior to the workshopKO+18
D-40FIGHigh quality graphics (FIG) that can be used by the SArONG study and ESA to promote the outcomes of the study throughout the studyTo be reviewed at each Progress meeting. Final version by KO+23
D-50WEBSWeb stories for the SArONG website describing the interesting and innovative activities of the SArONG study (2 per year)KO+6,,12,18,23
D-60PAPERSSubmit at least two peer reviewed journal articles reporting the results of the SArONG projectKOP+23
D-70TR-1Technical Report: ?Satellite Sunglint Measurements and Scientific Applications: State-of-the-art?KO+6
D-80ATBDSArONG Algorithm Theoretical Basis DocumentKO+9
D-90IODDSArONG Input/Output Data Definition documentKO+6
D-100DPMSArONG Detailed Processing ModelKO+9
D-110PSDSArONG Product Specification DocumentKO+6
D-120PVPSArONG Product Validation PlanKO+6
D-130DATASArONG Data ArchiveKO+21
D-140TDSSArONG Test Data SetsKO+3
D-150PUGSArONG SSGI Product User GuideKO+18
D-160DPRSArONG Data Product ReaderKO+9
D-170PVRSArONG Product Validation ReportKO+21
D-180WKPInternational Workshop on Satellite Sunglitter Imagery (SSGI) and ApplicationsKO+21
D-190PROCProceedings of WKP-1 (this may take the form of a journal special issue).KO+23
D-200SRScientific RoadmapKO+23
D-210MRDSArONG Scientific Mission Requirements DocumentKO+12 and KO+21
D-220FRSArONG Final ReportKO+23
D-230TDPSArONG Technical Data PackageKO+23
D-240MRExecutive email monthly progress report and actions database (may be part of the MR)Monthly, first day of each calendar month
D-250PMPProject Management Plan and ScheduleKO, MTR and updated one month before every progress meetingMicrosoft Word - SArONG_D-270_PMP_BC_Draft-B.docx-signed
D-260CCSContract Closure SummaryKO+12 and KO+24

Indiacative project schedule with major tasks.